A.] The Real Beginning

THE LONGEST ANYONE HAS EVER EXPERIENCED A SUNSET IS 40 YEARS 265 DAYS 7 HOURS AND 51 MINUTES. That was how long it took him to travel the world and find all of her. In the frozen instant that occurred before nightfall, in the middle of the endless gray grass valley of the gray sunset, you could see the Man in Blue holding his lost love.

If you moved close enough, you could see the drops of water that fell from his face suspended in midair.

Then you would see her. Her mature face still colored, her skin still smooth, but eyes that would always remain closed.

Looking upon the Man in Blue, you would think he was a mere 40 years old. However, he was not a day younger than 102. If he allowed himself to stay in your thoughts for more than 10 seconds, you would realize his face was so forgettable.

He laid her body in two cloth bags so that he could hold her head close to him on his belt. When the need suited him, he would open upon the bag to look at her face and let the sweet embrace of memory envelop him. Every memory of her had the brightest sun, the greenest grass, and the prettiest flowers. Every memory after her was the gray of the longest sunset and the frost on the lifeless ground.

It was at this moment that he decided he needed to ride back home to visit someone. He needed to go back to the beginning.

You will be told that he stopped once he found The Shack With The Purple Windmill. You will be told that it took him 144 days to get there on horseback. The truth is, horses have been dead for hundreds of years, and the storytellers sometimes change details of stories if those details do not match how they see reality.

The Man in Blue’s name is Peter. And Peter knew that he was at the right shack with the right purple windmill because of the unavoidable stench of rancid memory.

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