It’s an interesting thing.

Listen to I Was a Daughter by Basia Bulat.

Beautiful song. I heard her open for DeVotchKa.

The most beautiful band, ever.

I can’t wait to get those photos developed.

My soul felt full yo, my soul felt full.

I’m still listening to all the Live versions of How it Ends on YouTube.

That’s going to be a big song someday. 

You watch. It’s going to be like Imagine by John Lennon.

Have I just committed blasphemy? No, I think not.

Listen to this one live performance

DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO THOUGH – this is because the sound is a few seconds delayed from the video.

So it looks weird.

Just listen………

I rarely ever listen to this song album version-wise.

I just listen to these live versions on YouTube.

I could listen to DeVotchKa live all day. This is what I must do to cope with not being able to see them every day in concert.


It’s so beautiful.

I should also add, one of the reasons I’ve been watching this particular video is because who ever recorded it, was standing in the exact place in the audience I was – at the show I attended.

I was that close. It was that touching. It was that heavenly. It was that… that…….



There is no escape from the slave catcher’s songs.
For all of the loved ones gone –

forever’s not so long

and in your soul
they poked a million holes
but you never let them show

Come on, it’s time to go

and you already know…
yes, you already know

how. this. will. end.


now you’ve seen his face,
and you know that there’s a place in the sun for all that you’ve done
for you and your children:

no longer shall you need


you always wanted to believe
ask and you’ll receive

beyond your wildest dreams…