226 days.

Here is a list of everything I have accomplished since moving to Korea:

  • I have discovered two new delicious flavors available at BHC Chicken (in addition to my favorite Mae-un maht Yang Nyeom Chicken)
  • I have watched several, several, several television series in entirety on Netflix
  • Um…

I do feel unproductive when I get home from work. There are so many random side projects I would like to finish. Though, I end up allowing myself to just watch or read stories. I suppose I am exaggerating a bit as to how unproductive I have been – but I know I can accomplish so much more with the time given to me. I have been terrible, as well, when it comes to writing down my experiences – such as the time I accidentally signed up to go a jjimjilbang as part of a trip. I have even been terrible with taking photos.

The difference between my Korean age (27) and my “real” age (25) has been causing my finite-ness to take up a lot of thought lately. I have planned my budget and projected income for the next 20 years in Excel just so that I can calm myself that I will be able to go all of the places I want to go and do all of the things I want to do.

It seems hypocritical for me to spend my first year in Korea planning for the future, when the entire point of my planning is to spend the time I am living wisely. However, in a way, it makes me happy to plan for the future – I like keeping track of Jesse’s progress in getting ready to come to Korea, of Bailey and Howl’s paperwork, and of the market for apartments here in Jeonju.

I completely switched schools for this new school year (Korea’s school year runs from March to February, with breaks in August, and in January/February). It made me feel like I was arriving in Korea again – except this time I know how to go about getting around. My two new schools are in parts of Jeonju that are completely new to me. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to the change – it will help these next six months (No – five!) go by quickly.