Korea Korea Korea!

The past two months have been exciting and bursting. For example, my boyfriend and I both quit our jobs at Spartan Stores for some serious, profound reasons. Those reasons will be captured in a post in time.

For now, I am merely concentrating on my efforts to get myself a suitable job in Korea. I have had a few offers – but none have been tempting… until now.

Though, even if I get this wonderful job, I will have to convince my employers to allow me to bring my cat, Bailey. She is adorable, as you can see in her photo. I made that “dragon” costume for her to wear to the Season 2 finale of Game of Thrones (quite possibly the best show ever made).

The issue is that Koreans are weird about cats. Not in the sense that they want to eat them as many are quick to assume. They are downright afraid of them. I read in a blog post not too long ago in which a [Korean] man stated he would rather touch a spider of the same size. Seriously? However, I have also read, that due to the introduction of Hello Kitty, that the amount of people accepting of cats has drastically increased from 1 in 20 all the way up to 1 in 5!

Hopefully this ratio will increase to 3 in 4 with the introduction of The Bailey.