I wish the government shutdown would be more hardcore

Day 2 of 365 Days Without Facebook

I have read and heard a lot of talk about how stupid and childish Republicans are being for pseudo-orchestrating this shutdown due to their dislike of the new health care legislation.

First, in a nutshell, here are my thoughts on the new health care legislation:

ANTI-Care: I believe health care [insurance] is a luxury that we should not all be made to have. Obamacare is wrong!

Me: So, okay. You’re saying that there are tons of people out there who do not want to have health care [insurance]. Therefore, they should not be made to pay for health care insurance that they do not want.

ANTI-Care: That’s right – and they don’t want to have to pay for that fine either for not getting insurance.

Me: Mind me asking why these people do not want to have health care insurance?

ANTI-Care: With the economy the way it is, most people are watching every penny they have. They simply cannot afford to throw away money every month on a luxury.

Me: So, you’re saying that health care is not currently affordable for the average family. Therefore, they should not be made to throw away money every month on this luxury.

ANTI-Care: That’s… right.

Me: And if the average family chooses to opt out of health care coverage, they will be made to pay a fine. So, this new legislation is forcing average families to throw money away every month regardless.

ANTI-Care: Exactly.

Me: However, wouldn’t it be true that a family that is too poor to afford health care insurance currently can go on Medicaid?  A program that precedes Obamacare?

ANTI-Care: I suppose.

Me: Too, wouldn’t you say that the average family wants health care insurance?

ANTI-Care: I suppose.

Me: However, the reason they previously couldn’t get it was because it was either not affordable and/or because they had pre-existing conditions.

ANTI-Care: But if these families get even the tiniest inkling cash, shouldn’t they have the right to spend it however they choose?

Me: Like on… alcohol and pot?

ANTI-Care: Well maybe they want to invest it, or have a savings account.

Me: So, you’re saying they should have the right to spend it however they chose. However, you would definitely recommend that they use that extra cash to help further themselves out of financial stresses via investing and saving.

ANTI-Care: Right.

Me: So, am I right in that you’re thinking this will help out our economy?

ANTI-Care: I guess so!

Me: Even though 62% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills because even people with health care insurance find that it does not cover much when it comes to the Big Emergencies.

ANTI-Care: Perhaps those people should have invested and saved their extra cash.

Me: You believe the average family can save enough each month to save themselves from bankruptcy due to an illness related job loss, subsequent health care coverage loss, and medical bills?

ANTI-Care: Yes.

Me: That doesn’t sound realistic.

ANTI-Care: Though that is the way it should be. You work hard, no play, and save for disaster.

Me: You don’t think that the average family does try to do that? You don’t think it is depressing that many people work hard, don’t play, and try to save, yet still meet disaster?

ANTI-Care: The world is not an easy place. But bringing back my point – Obamacare is wrong because it forces people to spend money on a luxury that they may not necessarily need.

Me: I think you’re letting your emotions cloud your judgment on this issue.

ANTI-Care: What?

Me: You’re so passionate and emotionally attached to your point, you’re not seeing the overall wise investment this health care gig is for the economy.

ANTI-Care: I want the government to tell me how to spend MY MONEY.

Back to the government shutdown shennanigans…

 I wish that a government shutdown entailed that everything government related shut down.

I wish for there to be no taxes collected, no mail delivered, no public school, no secretary of state, no subsidies given, no police, no firemen, no federal insured banks, etc. during a government shut down.

All of these people who wish for smaller government, and less taxes – I want a shut down that will give it to them. I just want to pie it in their faces, so they know what it means.

“This shutdown is delicious and everything I ever wanted,” they better say. Source: commons.wikimedia.org

On a random note, it is difficult for me to find songs I can identify with anymore. However, some songs are the next best thing.

Until tomorrow.

Video’d: Woody Harrelson’s doppelganger