Heard this one before. I’ve written it in here before.


under the morning rise of the mexican sky

She was happy and had chosen the sun
and it was Fate laid in stone
Sacred hearts
Sacred ground
with two children

and we moved as one

and you said you loved me…
you said you loved me…

Now there’s something missing when
you’re kissing me

it’s subtle,

yet it’s gone

and then I’m suspicious
and then it gets vicious

and then

it’s a hole right through the heart…

and you said you loved me
I thought you loved me….

Now there is an ocean of time
between your life and mine:
you look happy
and you’re married I bet

and oh my Lord! how you’ve grown
to find me still alone
I am humble
I am still trying to forget
when you said you loved me…


You Love Me, DeVotchKA

One of their best songs. one of my favorites… It’s one of those songs that no one can not like.

It’s so pretty. Like waves.

I’ve been doing so much thinking lately.

I’ll write tomorrow when I get off work.

When I’m not so sleepy.

I’m surprised I’m up now. Two hours of sleep between Thursday and Friday. And worked 9:30A to Midnight straight. (between two of the jobs)

And it is 1:22AM now, and I have to be at work at 7:30A.

It’ll work.