Questions not answered by Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Episode

Day 47ish

Source: BBC America

I took some time off from Baccano! (after watching it for the fifth time) to see Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary episode – The Day of the Doctor. It aired worldwide yesterday, and it was a nice, pseudo-flashback episode.

Having watched the episode, I do wish there was a little bit more about the Time War.

1. What are all of these things mentioned by David Tennant’s Doctor in the episode The End of Time (Part Two)?

You weren’t there in the final day of the war. You never saw what was born… Not just the Daleks, but the Star of Degradations. The Horde of Travesties. The Nightmare Child. The Could-Have-Been King with his army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres.

What are those things?! Will I ever get to know? They sound awesome in a terrifying way.

2. What about his family that he had on Gallifrey? What happened to them?

Matt Smith’s Doctor whips out a baby carriage in one episode to give to Amy.

When asked why he has one, he said that he had a child once and leaves the subject at that. This implies he had a wife and child possibly lost to the genocide he committed on his own people during the Time War. Will they pop up now? I WANT TO KNOW.

3. How does the Galaxy Eater actually work?

4. Why did the Daleks target the Time Lords first on their mission of Exterminate Everything?  

Did the Time Lords not see this coming?

I wish I could have seen the pre-war negotiations, declarations, and emotions. Maybe that’s just me.

5. Referencing #1. It was also implied that a lot of those things were created in the last days of the war. WHO created those things? WHY? Was it the Time Lords?

6. Was it merely a matter of the Time Lords Vs. The Daleks?


Did they war through time somehow? I mean, I hope so. Since that would certainly make it cool and not just – Oh, they’re Time Lords so we’ll call it a time war. 

8. What is going on here?

Creepy, right?

Anyway, having asked all of these questions. The fact that I can ask them is all the more why I love Doctor Who (WHAT IS A COULD-HAVE-BEEN KING?).

I leave you with a gem from that episode. It is between two Time Lords on Gallifrey (The Doctor’s home planet) on the last day of the Time War after seeing that The Doctor has taken something from the forbidden weapons vault.

“The Galaxy Eater. The final work of the ancients of Gallifrey. A weapon so powerful the operating system became sentient. According to legend, it developed a conscience.”

“And we’ve never used it.”

“How do you use a weapon of ultimate mass destruction when it can stand in judgment of you?”