In last night’s episode, a lady believed her dead husband was visiting her as a ghost. (However, this was actually her “equivalent” husband in the alternate universe.)

Her grief, and the alternate husband’s grief for his dead wife was causing a rift in her universe.

It was not until the alternate husband mentioned that “their children missed her” that she realized that that man was not her real husband. And the rift ceased to expand.

In the end, when she is talking to Olivia (assuming that Olivia explained to her the existence of the other universe, etc.), she says something similar to this, “I learned today that the impossible is possible! I got to experience something not many people do… Who knows? [Learning this] maybe I actually will see him again.”

For some reason, this observation struck me as particularly profound.

In my staunch atheism against all religions… I sometimes forget that I am open to the possibility of a “magical” death.

Not “magical” in the sense that there is an afterlife, etc. But magical in the sense that… hmmm… what’s the way to put it?

That it may not really matter. Especially since I am a big proponent for the “Nonexistence of Time.”

Maybe it just merely seems our life is going to end. And that is probably what happens as far as we can “see” based on our perception of things.

But really really really it is just because it is difficult to see that we are not ultimately gone. Maybe everything repeats. Maybe everything repeats in a different way. Maybe everything goes upside down.

But that is not to say it is going to cease. Terminate. Like one would think the universe would do.

Who can honestly imagine the universe terminating?

Just the mere difficulty in imagining a beginning and an end to the universe should make it obvious to any person that something is fishy with our senses.

… Which supports everything I have always said about our biased perceptions (this is not an epiphany in that sense).

It just now finally *clicked* today the significance of that, and my life, everyone’s life. It is downright beautiful.