365 Days Without Facebook: [Official] Day 1

Quick update before I go further:

I am not in Korea anymore. I have returned to my pseudo-home turf of the U.S. (not exciting) and am spending an obscene amount of time critiquing the video games I have been playing and music videos I have started watching.

I have also decided to go a year without Facebook.

Technically, it has already been two or three weeks. However, since I do not recall a definitive date – I am starting today.

This was a whim decision. I was looking at my Facebook News Feed one day and thought, “Wow, I feel really bored doing this. Why am I continuing to scroll down? I have seen these same ten stories about five times now.” Rather, I usually felt either bored or irritated when looking at my news feed (especially due to the political climate, hehe).

Then I realized I had essentially replaced the Facebook News Feed with the Google News Feed. You reading this are probably thinking, “Wow! That’s great! Filling your mind with real world current events and not with all of that social gibberish of Facebook.”

Well, you, the one who is thinking that, need to know two things about this:

1.) I had already looked at my Google News Feed daily. I mean, it is one click over from Gmail.

2.) You seriously underestimate how often the average person views his/her Facebook News Feed. Once you put that in perspective, what actually has resulted from me swapping Facebook for Google will not be that surprising.

The First Days

“J*** F***** C**, this STILL is not over? SERIOUSLY? I am tempted to go over there myself to get them out if it were not for my current fear of being in a war[ish] zone.” -on the Westgate Mall siege in Kenya

“Some of those Greeks need to stop blaming Angela Merkel for – oh really? They’re still doing that.” [followed by lots of sarcasm] -on the comment section for articles revolving around the German Chancellor elections

I felt like one of those old people who only watch TruTV all of the time and take a vested interest in all of the court cases.

This is how they watch TV.  Source: commons.wikimedia.org

The Prediction

All in all, I think I will make it to the 365 day mark. I expected to not last longer than a day. However, I found it oddly refreshing. I have noticed already a few odd things are not as easily done without Facebook (more on that later), but I will get over it. I expect that I will find random other variables affected. This is, in some way, a test to see what is. I am also quite curious what it will be like when I log in again a year from now.

I think it will be quite a treat. (So long as everyone else continues to use Facebook.)
Anyway, the music videos I have been looking up belong to bands I liked, though have not caught up with in a few years. It is fairly interesting…

 Until tomorrow.