PS3: The Wolf Among Us

Yesterday, I played The Wolf Among Us. You are Bigby Wolf (Big B[ad] Wolf) in city filled with refugee fairy tale characters. It’s a fairly short, linear game on one play through. It’s apparently based on a graphic novel series.

It’s structured to look like a TV series – complete with episode intros and outros, previews, and recaps. It’s rather cool. Though linear, your choices in the game directly reflect the outcomes in the story line.

I played it on the PS3, though I’ve found out it’s available on… everything. 

PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS

Like The Puppeteerthe soundtrack, together with the writing, and the uh… acting… give The Wolf Among Us a melancholy feeling. This is something I like in a fictional experience.

Bufkin [reading]: Donkeyskin Girl, A.K.A. Donkeyskin, A.K.A.  [laughs] Ass’ Skin, [laughs more] prefers to go by the name Faith. Poetic!

Snow White: We don’t need the commentary.

Bufkin: The Story of Donkeyskin. There was once a great king with a beautiful queen. The queen grew ill and had her husband promise to only marry the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.

After a long search, it became clear that the only woman in the land that could match her beauty was… [pause]

his daughter… Faith.

The Wolf Among Us
The Business Office

Even though the player’s actions are meant to directly affect the story line, some plot points are fixed.

I spent four hours (three hours, then I took a break and did some errands, then returned for one more hour of torture) replaying one scene over and over again because one character… suicided (<–I made this a verb) in front of me.

Example Recap:

Game character decapitates herself.

Me frantically exiting out to the main menu to rewind the episode, thinking, “WHYYY?! What do I have to say to you to get you to not suicide in front of me (or away from me)? Have I not done everything right? How come I’m not allowed to grab you? Aahh!”

Is the game trying to tell me it's not my fault?

I only stopped when I accepted that her death might be determined and looked up her Wiki Page. I admit, that didn’t make it any easier. [nervous, melancholy laughter]

She wasn’t even a major character. However, I did technically spend at least four hours watching her die over and over again. (Is this similar to how Tom Cruise felt in Edge of Tomorrow?)

Ah, problems of the first world.