Prologue: How did we get here?

In a different world, columns have been built up to the clouds, and passengers can go to the top to catch a ride on a traveling castle.

You might use it to travel to the Marble City –  a place
where you can buy such machinations as

a cloud to then ride across a desert,

and find a mountain striped in natural hard candy.

Somewhere, you might find a hidden entrance…

in a field of flowers

that you can use visit those who have passed on.

  and then catch an underground boat to reach where rice is grown –

picked by yellow guardians in their terraced green city.


you’ll realize at the edge
of that green city

That gravity is a bit weaker.
And the air is a bit thicker.

so, you can use the air to swim

to the next town over,

where words of all languages are
broken, and

maybe you’ll also stumble upon the birthplace of love in all the universes.

However, at some point, somewhere in this world…­

You’ll find a mountain with a door…


the wonderglover.prologue.ellis,anna.2023.05.19