It isn’t always about seeing new places

If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?

Cormac McCarthy
No Country for Old Men

I am going to Lebanon in just a few weeks, with the hopes of also making my way into Syria. In the interim, I have been Googling and Googling whatever interests me about Lebanon and Syria.

One of the tidbits I came across was to not even think about going to Lebanon without having listened to Fairouz. She is a cultural icon in the Arab world.

I am now all about Fairouz. This song makes me happy.

Aaah ya sahar le layali,
aah ya hal la la bayali…

Aaah you lovely night
Aaah you are are so beautiful when I remember…


My goal for traveling to Lebanon, at the very least, is to capture a sense of wonder. Perhaps my life will become one long escape. More on that later.

Sometimes we just want to get away from a place. Traveling isn’t always about seeing new places. Sometimes it’s about escaping old ones.

David K. William
Science Proves that Traveling Boost your Health and Overall Well-being